Come Support Angele of the Virunga Team at The London Marathon.

Angele Virunga park
Come and support the Virunga Park Team on Sunday 22nd April as Angèle takes on the London Marathon. She is very excited for the weekend, but as you can imagine also very nervous, so the team want to have as many people waving banners and cheering her on as possible!
Details for race day: 
To make sure she is encouraged every step of the way, is would be great if you could station yourself at 35km (Shadwell / The Highway) when she is due to pass.
Below are some projected times she may pass by certain points (based on her running in 3.5 hours), but please be aware that on the day it could be very different. You can track her using her running number: 54230 and by downloading the London Marathon Spectators app.
Race start: 10am 
5km – Woolwich / John Wilson Street
10km – Greenwich – 10:59 am
15km – Surry Quay – 11:24 am
20km – Tower Bridge – 11:49 am
25km – Westery Road – 12:14 pm
30km – Canary Wharf – 12:39pm
35km – Shadwell – 13:03 pm
40km – Embankment – 13:28 pm
Finish – The Mall – 13:40 pm 
Angele VirungaAgain these are estimated time, so please do track her on the app to ensure you catch her! 
The team will be meeting Angèle at ‘Meet and Greet N – Z’. However, please be aware that it gets very busy here, and the chances of you finding the team are small.
The London Marathon have also provided a compressive guide for spectators on Sunday, which is worth having a read of :https://www. en-gb/event-info/spectator- info/
The team hope to see you there! Please bring your banners and loudest voices, and do share images on social media (you can tag them on twitter @gorillacd or Instagram @virunganationalpark

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