#YellowSunday Drawing the international community’s attention to the suffering of Congolese

yellow sunday

Congolese believe that yellow is a colour that symbolizes wealth, and for Congo its greatest wealth is its people. So, young Congolese have decided to dress in yellow this Sunday, June 19th, to raise awareness on the killings in the Democratic Republic of Congo and to call on the international Community’s support in the fight for peace and justice in Congo.

Tens of thousands of people including campaigners, artists, writers, poets, dancers, religious leaders, governments, NGOs have joined the campaign by Vava Tampa, a native of Congo and founder of the London based campaign group ‘Save the Congo’ to mobilize public opinion and highlight the human tragedy in Congo.

The campaigners are calling on everyone to support the Yellow Sunday by dressing in yellow and taking to the social media using the harsh tag #YellowSunday   #JeSuisBeni to highlight the campaign and post selfies.

“You can lend your support to this international day of solidarity with the Congolese people by wearing yellow and encouraging people around you to do so as well. By partnering in the yellow Sunday, you will not only provide your support to victims of Beni and Congo-or even the 5.4 million Congolese died during the first 10 years of the war but you will launch a call for peace and justice in Congo.” Reads the statement released by the campaigners

#YellowSunday will be taken to social media to call on the UK, US, EU, AU and the UN Special Envoy to Africa’s Great Lakes Region to act decisively and courageously for a comprehensive investigation into the massacres of Beni and the prosecution of those responsible of the horrific acts in Congo.

“Use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to contribute to raising awareness about Yellow Sunday and massacres in Beni and in the rest of Congo by sharing this status in the coming days: “A #Beni, northeast of #Congo, people are massacred”

Half of Congolese population is under the age of 18 years with 1 out of 5 children dying before the age of 5. Half of the children alive do not attend school and thousands of children are recruited by the armed groups or have been victims of grave violations of human rights including murder and rape.

Here are some of the tweets supporting the campaign



Source: CCTV

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