56th anniversary of independence of the DRC


RDC yesterday today n tomorowWorking for a change in DR Congo !

Following the DRC’s 56th anniversary of independence, the Friends of Congo UK association in loving partnership with Adinkra Arts Collective is organising a day to celebrate, meet, exchange and share

– Patrick Lumumba, Beatrice Kimpa Vita, Mfumu Kimbangu just to name a few…. Who were they ? What role did they play and how did they contribute or impact the DRC?

– Although rich in minerals ( Gold,Coltan, Copper, Cobalt, Diamand, Iron, Nickel…) Who really benefits from this wealth ?

– What is the economical, social and political situation of the Congo today ?

– What position has the Congo in the world ?

– Our women are being raped, how can we stop such cruelty ?

– How do we reach and get our youths involved ?

– What can we put in place for a better future a better Congo

Those are a few of the questions our speakers will aim to answer.


– Kerwin MAYIZO, Journalist Radio France Internationale
– Vava TAMPA, Founder of “Save the Congo” association
– Laura KUTIKA, Producer “Abeti MASIKINI, le combat d’une femme”
– Baraka RUMAMBA, Investment Analyst
– Mania TAMBWE, Managin Director of Centra TV and OHTV
and many more

Come as much as possible to discover this beautiful country, often referred to as the heart of Africa, through its history, culture, culinary delights, music and many other aspects .

For more info : https://www.facebook.com/events/466478523558113/

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