DRC opposition coalition hand-picks Katumbi to run for presidency

moise Kat 001

An alliance formed by 16 opposition parties in the Democratic Republic of Congo on Sunday, nominated Moise Katumbi as their presidential candidate for the November poll. The former governor of Katanga has not yet responded to the nomination.

Delly Sessanga, the coordinator of the new coalition known by the acronym AR which literally means ‘Mix for the Republic’, said that Katumbi was hand-picked based on his experience and popularity, and his civic activism against unemployment in DRC.

The coalition is seeking to end President Joseph Kabila’s second term in strict accordance with the Constitution. Kabila’s mandate expires in December according to DRC’s constitution. He’s been in power since 2001 and is seeking to extend his 15-year rule in the November elections.

This is the third opposition coalition to urge Katumbi to run for presidency. On March 30, the G7, another opposition alliance had asked the 51-year-old to vie. He had himself called upon the opposition to select a common candidate to dethrone Kabila.

Katumbi quit the ruling party and resigned as governor in September 2015. He is a wealthy businessman and owner of football club TP Mazembe, triple winners of the Africa Champions League.

Source: http://www.africanews.com/2016/05/02/drc-grand-opposition-coalition-hand-picks-katumbi-to-run-for-presidency/

3 thoughts on “DRC opposition coalition hand-picks Katumbi to run for presidency

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  1. That is the good Idea you can not defeat kabila while you still have many parties. But the coalition has always power. Elijah kalonda.

  2. A wealthy business man in politics can be double-edged sword. On one hand being wealthy makes them more difficult to be bribed on the the other hand they may try to push for policies that are and advantage to their business instead of the country.

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